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365 Days of Black Friday and Cyber Monday

From Black Friday to Cyber Monday, big-box stores and big-brand websites will be busy promoting “extreme” sale offers, many of which require you to be one of the first few to get a very limited quantity of the item. Whether you have to stand in long lines or click the fastest to get the hottest deal of the day, you are unlikely to get everything you want. But these retailers and sites are hoping you’ll buy a few other things while you’re there, even if you didn’t “win” the big bargain.

We wish you well in all your shopping adventures but don’t forget how convenient and cost-effective it can be to publish special keepsake gifts and greetings right from your computer. No need to set an alarm clock for an ungodly hour. No need to stand outside waiting to get in to the store or spend your valuable time driving all over town. Your publishing projects will arrive on your doorstep within a matter of days. Avoid the hectic holiday hubbub with my help!

At Heritage Makers, we’re thrilled to offer our biggest and best discounts of up to 34% off all year long with Club HM monthly publishing plans. No limited supply or special coupon codes required!

What’s more, we offer EXTRA savings of at least 10% with our Holiday Hits schedule during this year’s gift-giving season. Simply publish the specified products during the stated dates to automatically save even more at check-out.

If you already have publishing points in your account, simply create and publish using what’s already “in your bank.” If you need publishing points, contact me, your Personal Publishing Consultant, BEFORE you publish. Otherwise you’ll be paying full retail. I’d rather give you the gift of deep discounts with Club HM and Holiday Hits!

Let me help you turn your photos and memories into the most priceless gifts you’ll ever give your loved ones.

Thank you for helping support my home-based business as your Personal Publishing Consultant!