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Looks like I’m back where I started…

I just got back from a much need vacation! My family and I were blessed with decent weather (except for the hailstorm we got stuck in) and some much need relaxation. We met my niece for the first time and she is such a cutie!!! We also went to Alabama and visited a lot of family members who I hadn’t seen in 5 years which was really nice. Next time I’m not going to let half a decade go by before I visit my family. I recommend everyone make time for the people in your life!

My husband and I did some exploring in Tuscaloosa. Reminiscing more so because so much has changed there. Last year I was down there when the tornado happened but I hadn’t seen any of the damage because I was stuck in the country with no power and by the time I made it back to the city things were shut down in that area. Plus no power for 3 days and the Alabama spring heat I was more than ready to go. But back to what I was getting at though, we took a lot of pictures!

I get so excited about the pictures because that’s how we’ll get to remember our trip. Those pictures will be passed along to each generation! My niece will never be as small as she was when we first saw her and I’m just so happy that I captured her with my daughter! It’s amazing how the smallest things can make you so happy! I just can’t wait for my next vacation!!!

Love your family and keep them close! Capture those precious moments!