Get Started Today

You’ve read the blog and you like the ideas and other things you see. You’ve been bit by the Heritage Makers bug! To get started today follow these simple steps to take:

  1. Go to At the top of the page you will see sign-up click that to create your account.
  2. Start uploading your pictures so they are ready to go in your projects.
  3. Browse the template gallery for one of the easy to customize drag and drop templates or start with a blank template.
  4. Start putting your personal touches on your project of choice.
  5. Preview the project and if everything is how you want it then hit Publish
  6. Checkout
  7. Wait about a week or so and your project will be delivered directly to your door!

There are three ways to enjoy the benefits we have to offer. First, as a basic client. Second, is to become a member of Club HM. Club HM members get a discount on publishing points, free product upgrades, and free premier. The third and last option is to join my team by becoming a consultant. Click here for more information about the joining my team.

As your Independent Heritage Makers Consultant I am available to answer any questions you may have during the process.


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