Heritage Makers Workshop

As an Independent Heritage Makers Consultant, I’m able to offer all my clients an exciting and different way to put their memories into tangible, beautiful, and custom projects! I’m so excited to share that information with you in a free … Continue reading


Heritage Makers Virtual Workshops

We all have that box or draw where we keep our pictures hidden. Your pictures might even be hidden on your camera or computer but I’m going to teach you a way to preserve your pictures and take your memories … Continue reading


5 Reasons Heritage Makers is the Perfect Place to Make Your Wedding Invitations

 Those special photos and the priceless stories that go along with them need a place to be showcased. Heritage Makers makes that possible with beautiful and cost-effective products.  HM can even be used for you wedding! HM gives you a DIY option … Continue reading


Host Special Extravaganza!

If there was ever a time to host a Heritage Makers workshop January is the month! You can earn more than 70 points just by doing the tasks on the flyer below. Things really couldn’t get any simpler.

Another good thing about having a workshop is that you can have an online workshop! That means that all you have to do is invite people to attend a workshop webinar. That means no prepping the house on your part you just invite your guest, they log onto the site and I entertain them from the comfort of the computer.

Contact me to host your workshop this month! Tidbitsofheritage@live.com