Turning Your Blog Into a Published Book

The reasons that people write blogs are numerous– some want to remember a special time in their lives, to keep family and other people updated, or to just have a creative outlet. Blogging helps you to turn your abstract thoughts in to a semi-concrete form because you are putting them into a tangible space where others can enjoy them. SO youre winning just by doing that!

We all know how unpredictable our computers can be and how websites can be up and down right. Well I recommend that when your blog reaches a certain point and your ready to get your blog in a concrete for that you can hold. The task may sound daunting but I can show you how to turn your blog into a professionally printed book in just a few steps!

Since I’m an Independent Heritage Makers Consultant, I’ll be using my free HM Studio account (go to www.heritagemakers.com/Britneyb to get your own account).

  1. Go to www.heritagemakers.com/BritneyB and log into your account.
  2. Click “Start a New Project” you can either start with a blank project or browse the template gallery to see if you can find a good foundation for the project you want to create.
  3. Make sure that your blog is open so that you can copy and past all the content from there into your book.
  4. So now you have a blank page and you’re ready to add your text. While in Studio click on the text box tab and drag on of the boxes to the page.
  5. Go to your blog and copy your text. Go back to the text box in studio and past your text there. Do this until your book is filled!
  6. After your text is there be sure to decorate your book as you like!

Remember that just like your blog was an extension of you, so is this book so make it your own with all the customizations you want!

Here is some additional information about HM books:

  • The front and back covers are completely customizable
  • Hard-bound books in various sizes
  • 21 completely customizable pages; expandable to 99
  • Covered by the Heirloom Assurance Program

Be sure to go to www.heritagemakers.com/britneyb for more information on using Heritage Makers to turn your blog into a book.


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