Summer Storybooking Camp

Get your kids storybooking this summer with this camp that won’t interfer with your vacation! We will start with a 1 hour orientation on June 24th at 1 pm to show the kids (and mom) the basics of storybooking with Heritage Makers. From June 25th – August 31st your child will work independently on the projects at home. Additional weekly help will be provided Monday nights at Panera Bread in Papillion from 6pm to 8pm.

This is a guided Summer Storybooking Program for kids ages 6 and up that will wrap up with an ‘Authors Pizza Party’ where they can share their projects with their fellow Summer Storybookers!


My Favorite Things 7×5 storybook, My Family 7×5 storybook, and Family deck of playing cards



Child must be 6 years or older and have access to high-speed internet


  • Program is designed to show how important it is to tell your stories along with photos
  • Parents will have a secure account set up in their name, that their child will work on all their projects from
  • Photos used must be in digital format
  • 3 storybooking projects will be assigned for this program
  • Children will work on projects during their own time with their parent’s assistance
  • There will be 2 formal meetings (Orientation and the Author’s Pizza Party)
  • Once signed up, there are no refunds!

Orientation: June 24th at 1pm Panera Bread in Papillion (RSVP by 6/22)

Independent Work: June 25th – September 31st

Panera Bread Additional Help:  July 2nd, 16th, 30th; August 13th and 27th

Author’s Pizza Party TBD

Cost: $90 plus tax per child charged in 3 installments of $30 plus tax (June 25th, July 20th, and August 20th)

Contact Britney Bosworth at 402-718-5156 or by 6/22—


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