Reason I Love Digital Scrapbooking and Will NEVER GO BACK TO TRADITIONAL!

I remember when I would go into scrapbooking. I thought that the possibilities were endless which in a way was true. The cost on the was SUBSTANTIAL to say the least! Here are my top 5 reason’s I will never go back to tradition scrapbooking!

  1. Finding the right embellishments is easy. It’s as simple as searching a key term on your computer, opposed to going to the store and searching the isles.
  2. If you find the right company (Heritage Makers) you have a personal shopper of sorts. They find the best artwork out there and I get to use it when I want to. Even better than that my scrapping supply never runs low!
  3. No Mess. I don’t have to worry about breaking out all of my supplies…the scissors, glue, tape…these things are apart of the past!
  4. Mistakes are okay! Traditional scrapbooking was all fun until you glued something down and didn’t like it…too bad. With digital everything you do can be tweaked!
  5. Re-sizing/editing photos isn’t an issue anymore. I don’t have to think OMG this is my favorite picture of me and I don’t have another copy of it so I can’t use this. Now I can do whatever I want to them without any hesitation!

So there are my top reason’s for going digital! If you haven’t made the switch, what are your reason?


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