How to Make the Most of HM During Graduation Season

It’s that time of the year to begin the process of thinking what to get the soon to be graduates in your life. Well since everyone can’t afford to get them a brand new car to drive off into their college years with, why not make them something. Not just any something, but something that’s going to mean something to them. Heritage Makers is here to help!

Here a few of my favorite templates:

Customize this poster with the school colors and name. This would make a great party decoration!

Alright I’m sure that the senior in your life has taken plenty of pictures, so make them a post-bound album and add their pictures to the cover. Fill it with scrapbook pages of all of the events from throughout the year!

Add some of those expensive senior pictures everyone gets to this poster. Frame it and it will make a great gift!

There are more than 80 graduation templates in the template gallery. Don’t forget about all of the cards you can give too. So these ideas should get you on the right track to a meaningful gift. Remember everything is completely customizable! Get started by logging into your account at


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