Resolve to Celebrate Your Heritage in 2012

The new year has started and many of us have made resolutions to get healthy, spend more time with the ones we love (both of these are ones of mine :)), or whatever else you can think of. I have the best resolution to give you, resolve to make the preservation of your family’s memories a top priority this year. You are already taking lots of pictures so why not show them off in an heirloom quality book or other photo project!

Pledge to Publish 12 in 2012 is an initiative by Heritage Makers to get people to think of 12 projects and publish once a month. When you fill out your pledge you will be entered in to a drawing for either double your publishing points for February if you are on Club HM or if you are just a basic customer you could win 3 months of free premier.

Celebrate those birthdays, anniversaries, and all the wonderful events of your life this year with Heritage Makers Pledge to Publish 12!

Click Here to make the pledge to make the memories of your family a priority this year!

Checkout our Idea Book for inspiration and open your free account today!


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