Is Waiting Really A Bad Thing?

My husband and I have talked about not wanting to have anymore children as we get into our 30s. We have one child who is the love of our lives but we don’t want her to be the lone child. I was came from a family of 4 kids so I know the joys and headaches of having younger siblings. My husband on the other hand has been was an only child so he know s more about that side of things and he really wants more children. I have given myself a window that I have to get pregnant in and have all the babies we are going to have and then I’m DONE.

So I have 4 years to have two more kids and I’m sure that that is plenty of time but a lot of life can happen between now and then. I might end up having more kids into my late 30s, into my 40s. I have heard that the chance of different disorders go up depending on your age but the risk is always there so I try to sweat the idea of have a baby “later” in life. My grandmother didn’t even have her first child until she was 29 and had 9 kids who are healthy.

My only reservation about waiting is that I want to travel without having to worry about a school schedule for my kids when I get older. I guess I will just have to let life happen because either way I would be happy…maybe.


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