Make Your Mark on Someone’s Life

Everyone, no matter who they are, wants to make an impact in someone’s life. We all can name at least one person who has touched our lives in someway. Maybe it was a teacher, a friend, a parent/someone in our family, or some stranger that performed some act of kindness that just astonished you. Now my question for you is how many of us have brought it to the other person’s attention and thanked them for the amazing difference they have made? Not very many of us!

There were two people who influenced me when I was a young adult. One was a woman who was probably in her early 40s but she was still going to school. I thought that I wanted to be a nurse but deep down I knew that I wanted to be a doctor but I was under the false belief that you had to do amazing in high school to get into medical school. She told me that that didn’t matter. She planted the seed in my head that I could do it.

The next person was actually a resident at the hospital that I worked at. She was in her last year of her residency but she had done it in a unconvential way. Her path led her into nursing for 20 years and then into medical school. One day she asked me what I wanted to be because she heard be talking about school. I told her and the first thing she did was told me her story and explained that it could happen. She turned to the person behind her and said she is going to be a doctor!

She watered the seed that the previous woman had planted in me by taking the time and saying those simple things. She was proclaiming it before it had happened. That made me claim it too. Another time she came through my line and she asked me a simple question, “would you rather be a 24-year-old doctor or cashier?” I made myself a promise that at 24 I would not be a cashier and I have kept that promise!

Although I’m not a doctor now, these people changed the way I thought about my potential. These women were total strangers to me but I built that small relationship with them and they left a mark in my life! No matter what I do I always have faith in myself and let me tell you a secret…I will be a doctor someday, it won’t be today or tomorrow but I will achieve it!

So I challenge you to take the time and let them know how they changed you. Thank them. I was taught that you should do things and not expect anything in return but sometimes people just need to hear a simple ‘thank you’ and to know that what they did truly affected you. There is no way to know but your act of thanks may leave a mark on their life.

The thank you doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Maybe a simple card or letter will do but whatever it is, make it come from the heart.

Click here to find a thank you card or other photo gifts to show your appreciation for the person who left made their mark on you.


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