Liberate Those Pictures

People we have to give our pictures the respect they need! Why you ask, because they will not always be there if we don’t, that’s why. People keep their pictures in dark, musty closets boxed up or even worse as jpegs on a hard-drive. For some people these places seem safe but let me give you some real life examples of when these places just don’t cut the mustard.

1.) When I was pregnant I had some wonderful ultrasound pictures. Well in the process of moving, I managed to misplace all of them. THOSE WERE IRREPLACEABLE!! Wish I had scanned them at least…

2.) I had a lot of pictures from high school waiting put into an album or scrapbook (they were waiting for along time). Well my toddler decided that she would do some photo editing, and ripped some of my pictures up.

In this picture the book in her hand happens to be one of my high school yearbooks...

For those of you that feel like if pictures are on the computer they are safe, I want to save you the panic I had when my laptop screen mysteriously shattered (see the above picture for the suspect).

Let me give you a way to liberate your pictures and give you some peace of mind. Heritage Makers offers free photo storage with an account. You will no longer be limited to your pictures being in just one place. Your photos are accessible on any computer that has internet access. And if you get a new computer and want to download the pictures from the Heritage Makers account, they will still be the same high quality they were when you uploaded them.

Go to my consultant site and start liberating your photos today.


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